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It’s good of you to come, because honestly, the place has been in disarray for a while. But today is a new day, and I’ve made a commitment to keep this space up-to-date going forward, and to do a better job of communicating regularly with you and any person who takes an interest in my books. Thank you for coming. 

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The question I get most often:

What (TF) is going on with the sequel to My Name is Memory

More than fair, because this has been going on too long.

To bring you up to date, I wrote the first book intending for it to be part of a bigger story. I ended the book in a way that I hoped would be exciting if you liked it and had a sequel to follow up. But the sequel is not yet available to follow up, and the ending is frustrating, the more so if you liked the book.  

The book’s original publisher declined to publish the sequel, and is disinclined to release the rights to the first book. I wish it were different, but I can understand their position. A few other potential publishers are disinclined to publish the sequel without having rights to the original book. Again, disappointing, but not unreasonable. So it remains in publishing limbo for now. If I cannot come up with an alternative route to print publication, I will release it as an ebook, and I am prepared (and eager) to give away a few hundred free downloads to my most eager and long-suffering readers. I suspect this will be the outcome, and I frankly look forward to it. I just want to make sure the sequel is satisfying. I was going to say ‘worth the wait,’ but that puts the bar pretty high. It’s been a really long wait. 

I promise to keep you updated here and by email. I know I’ve been poor at that. I keep waiting to have good and decisive news to share, and I keep not having it. But again, today is a new day.

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